With just a mobile device and a bit of creative thinking, social media can open your business to millions of potential customers whilst blowing your competition out of the water. So whether you run a bakery, a laundromat, or a small office: discover our social channel 101 and the top five questions you need to ask before hitting the ‘publish’ button.


Small business, by the numbers

Social media presents an unprecedented opportunity for small businesses to connect with one of the largest, most engaged audiences in the world. Nearly 70% of all Australians are active on at least one social media channel, with 57% of those accessing it daily, and 25% checking over five times a day. Some 92% of students under 25, and 67% of mums access Facebook on a daily basis.


80% of social media time is now spent on mobile devices

Only 48% of small-medium sized businesses have a social media presence, compared to 79% of large businesses. And of those businesses that don’t currently have a social media presence, 17% expect to add one in the next 12 months. Consumers are also on board – proven to be more likely to trust a brand if it interacts with its customers on social media and regularly updates content. 60% of people who discover a business on Facebook will remain there to learn more, and around 62% of small business owners believe social media investment will contribute to an increase in sales.

Making it mobile friendly

With 80% of social media time now spent on mobile devices, it’s important that you optimise your content to follow suit. This means getting into the head of your audience, and post what they would want to see when ‘on the go’: think images with a strong visual hierarchy (simple and easy to read), video content that doesn’t require sound, and only linking to mobile-friendly websites.

Pages that are clunky, have incorrect image dimensions, or look visually unappealing will quickly be ignored, and you will have to work harder to keep their attention in a fast-moving space.


Questions you should ask

Of course, the best way to learn how to use social media is to get out there and try it yourself. Start a page, make some posts, see what your audience responds to, and optimise your approach accordingly. You will be publishing your canvas’, white-listing your tweets, and re-targeting your pixels before you know it.

The 5 questions to ask for social media success

  • Purpose: Does every social post have a distinct purpose? I.e. to educate, inform, prompt an action (click, donate), or promote?
  • Message: What is the key message of your social posts? Have one, clear message per post to ensure it’s success is direct
  • Quality vs. Quantity: Are your posts of high quality (no blurry or pixelated images) or are they too vague for your audience to understand?
  • Engage your audience: Can you respond to (and learn from) your audience comments? Even negative ones are an opportunity for a positive customer service experience!
  • Use media wisely: Are you keeping an eye on your advertising dollars? All social platforms offer paid-promotion via audience targeting – test it, learn from poor performance and constantly optimise to get the biggest bang from your buck.


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Statistics source: Sensis