Missed out on Small Business Festival 2017? You can still watch the video recordings of selected webinars, and listen to our podcasts below.

2017 Festival Podcast Series


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Presented by Kylie Lewis (Of Kin), and featuring special guest experts, delve into the issues that affect small businesses.

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2017 Webinars

Missed out on our webinars? We have a selection of recordings that you could view at your own leisure.

Getting Started: What I Wished I Knew

Passion and excitement are rarely in short supply when starting a new business (or, indeed, rejuvenating the one you’re in). But, without careful design, positive can quickly turn to pressure and confusion. Benefit from the wisdom – and learn from the mistakes – of those who have trod the same path before you in this webinar which offers plenty for startup and established business owners alike. Hear from a cross section of soloists as they share valuable insights about what they learned and what they know now that they wish they knew back then!

Topics covered include:

  • Choosing the right time to launch
  • The role of the side-hustle
  • What ducks to line up and how
  • How to avoid the paralysis of perfection

Presented by Flying Solo

Getting Traction: Tips To Accelerate Success

So, there you are with a great website, cool logo and a snappy profile, but things are a little quieter than you’d like. All too often the frenzy of launch can be followed by a period where time seems to stand still. Fear not – it happens to all of us and there’s a community here to help you get past the dips and move onwards into a thriving business. In preparation for this session, we invited established soloists to think back to their early days and let us in on their secrets to accelerate success. The outcome is a webinar brimming with learned wisdom gold.

Themes discussed include:

  • Getting noticed in a crowded marketplace
  • The ninja approach to networking
  • Social media strategies that work – Inviting and using testimonials and reviews
  • Planting daily seeds for sustainable success

Presented by Flying Solo

Getting Organised: Do More With Less

Keeping busy in a small business is rarely a problem. But staying motivated and maintaining focus on the issues that really matter, presents more of a challenge. Research, observation and discussion confirms that overwhelm is a rapidly growing concern at the small end of town ? there is so much to do, and so little time. Happily, our supportive community have yet again provided ready answers to help you create a sustainable and profitable venture in this informative webinar of tried and tested wisdom.

Among many tips and suggestions, topics include:

  • Revealing what will get you where you want to go
  • Getting the most out of every day
  • Banishing distractions once and for all
  • The power of saying no and how to do it!
  • Juggling responsibilities by careful design

Presented by Flying Solo

How I Got Started

Life as a start-up can be a roller-coaster ride – but you don’t have to ride it alone. You’re in company with thousands of Australians who start businesses every day. Find out from their experiences what it take to make a great business. What challenges will you need to overcome and how do you stay true to your purpose in the face of difficulties? Plus, how can the right technology get your small business on the right track to success, faster? Get answers to all these questions and more at this ‘How I Got Started’ webinar.

Presented by HerBusiness