Natural Supply Co.

Natural Supply Co. Founder Celeste Robertson was hooked as soon as she first attended the Small Business Festival.


“I can’t say enough how much attending the Small Business Festival has changed the way I run my business. The availability of experts and the advice they’re willing to share is invaluable.”


Celeste started Natural Supply Co. in 2014, with the goal of stocking natural, quality products for the whole family. She has a strong focus on minimising waste and single use plastic, and runs the business almost entirely online.


“Last year I attended a number of events, but the one that really stood out was called Measuring Your Marketing. It was great to go along and see that I’m on the right track with my business, and I left with some wonderful tips and tricks that I could implement right away.


“For example, during the event we were talking about the importance of being available to your customers and how it’s particularly important for online businesses. I wasn’t sure whether or not I should have a chat function or not because I’m obviously not going to be able to respond 24/7.


“Based on the advice I got, I ended up downloading a chat app for the website that night, and I’ve been using it ever since. It’s been great – we still get the usual emails and phone calls, but we’re also getting a lot of contact through the new system as well.”


Providing excellent customer service is a top priority for Celeste and the team at Natural Supply Co., and this year she’s looking forward to the Customer Value Journey’s event at the Small Business Hive in Geelong.


“I’m really looking forward to finding out new ways to value add and make the experience of shopping with Natural Supply Co. as positive as possible. Making the journey personal even though we’re online is really important to us – so I’m keen to find out how we can use new technology to build these relationships even further.”


Celeste’s experience at the Small Business Festival has been so positive that her advice to other small business owners is to sign up to as many events as they can.


“I honestly think the festival is really good, and a bit of an underutilised resource – especially for people just starting out as a business owner.”


This Small Business Festival event Celeste is most excited to attend this year is called ‘Sell More by Optimising your Online Store’, hoping to get more of an understanding of search engine optimisation.


“Natural Supply Co. just keeps on growing. We have customers in the US, Singapore, the UK, Japan and Malaysia – and we’ve just sent our first order to Israel, which is pretty cool!


“Now I’m working on the business almost full time, which is really exciting. I think the tips and insight I’ve learned at Small Business Festival events have been really valuable as we’ve grown the business, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to more events this year!”


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